Who we are

PrintStreet Soul Productions encompasses a workshop facilitation team, artist development, community work, the XLR Festival in Bristol, a recording studios and a music production team, alongside a variety of musicians who predominantly create Funk, Soul, Neo-Soul, Hip Hop and Jazz.

We have a music studio based in Bristol that offers a great selection of services. You can find out more here.

Our aim is to create, promote and teach positive, insightful and forward thinking music, helping people to develop confidence, key life skills and most importantly have fun!

So whether you are a school, organisation, youth centre (or anything else) looking for Workshops, a musician looking to find a creative home, or just a music fan looking for some great new music to discover this is the place for you.

For those of you who have already worked or collaborated with Street Soul Productions, please be aware that this blog has now taken over from http://www.streetsoulproductions.com, the reason being that this way we can keep you much more up to date with what we’re doing and the site will evolve over time to fit our clients and fans needs.

Thank you for visiting Street Soul, we hope you enjoy what you see and hear!

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